Workshops and seminars

Getting everyone on the same page.

Before you can convince an audience to do something – you have to be able be able to demonstrate the proof and authenticity within your own organisation. Whether it’s a brand review or evolution, a launch, a change of direction, complex issue, shareholder communication, or a motivational challenge, a successful campaign starts with your own team and with the people on the ground.

Moderating a seminar requires preparation, discipline and an understanding of what really matters to your business. There are many advantages in using an independent moderator who is not part of the team dealing with your issues on a day-to-day basis. This leaves the team and its managers free to fully participate in the debates and discussions.


Breaking down the borders, a voice for everyone.

The process of managing a seminar or workshop can be even more demanding when there are several different nationalities present, especially if English is not everyone’s first language.

Similarly, managing the discussion at a webinar with a variety of participants around the world and getting full value out of the experience requires a specific range of organizational and communication skills.

Our experience in managing projects with multicultural teams means that we can help you deal with these potential problems and ensure that everyone has the opportunity to get their voice heard.


International Business Seminars in Paris

We also offer seminars in English or French for Business Schools and MBA students based in Paris or visiting as part of a study tour. See here for details



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