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Robin Young

Robin Young is a marketing and communications professional with a truly international perspective. He is at his best in a multi-cultural environment working with diverse people from a variety of cultures.

From product marketing to advertising, customer service to social media, brand development to public relations, Robin works with business and industry leaders, politicians and skilled technicians to create messages and concepts to support structured and effective communications strategies.

Born and bred in London, he has lived in France for most of his professional life. He is bilingual English-French and has a shrewd understanding of French culture and people.

He has worked on projects across Europe and around the world. Long-term assignments have taken him to Australia, Ireland, South Korea, USA, the Netherlands, Portugal, Congo-Brazzaville, Sweden and occasionally back to the UK.

This international background means that he really understands what communicating across borders is all about – culturally and linguistically. He is constantly aware of any lack of clarity in messages to be communicated and believes that simple, easy-to-grasp concepts should be at the heart of any communication, whatever the target group and whatever the channel.

Robin first understood the realities of the marketing theories learned at business school in the ever exciting world of cars; living the product life cycle from customer research to public launch and back through the promotion and advertising to new product development. Cars are one of the products where brand identity is so visibly essential. Lessons learned in the automotive industry, about how to give a personality to a company and its products, are now ingrained in Robin’s approach to marketing and communications.

The second phase of Robin’s career brought him to the world of public transportation at a time when passengers were starting to become customers and public administrations realized that they were living in a competitive world. It was in this context that Robin launched the Connex brand at a corporate level and in transit systems around the world and developed a major customer service training programme.

More recently, Robin has managed teams and projects across the environmental services sector, working with government departments and the private sector as the terms sustainability and circular economy have become concepts embraced by industry and the public at large. Here Robin was involved in major events such as the World Water Forum in Istanbul and Expo 2008 in Zaragoza and directed the production of complex bilingual annual reports.

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