Bringing your media along for the ride

The Bridgestone World Solar Challenge 2015 was unique. Inspirational. Exhausting. Extraordinary. Big on every level.

More than 1,000 people travelling 3,000 kilometres across Australia’s outback. At any one time, during sunlight hours at least, 42 of them were driving a purpose-built electric solar car. Millions of dollars in high tech equipment speeding across the desert.

And this year, after countless pitches, emails, phone calls, and doorstop moments, more than 200 accredited media and production crews went along for the ride. Many more covered the story as we shared it with them in the lead up and every day during the event.

And an audience of around 26 million people connected with our story…and is still growing.


An audience of around 26 million people connected with our story

There’s no secret strategy to good media relations. But if we’ve learned anything from experience it’s that the amount of energy that media are willing to invest to share content and stories with their audiences is proportionate to their own understanding and level of interest. With so many channels now – there’s a temptation to let technology take over. To simply program a release to go out over a wire.

But there’s a reason it’s called media relations. Your media need you to enable them to get invested.



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Morne de Klerk/Getty Images for World Solar Challenge – Mark Kolbe/Getty Images for The World Solar Challenge


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