Creative and design

We work with your creative team or our network of independent creative directors, art directors, graphic designers, photographers and producers. Each is an experienced professional with a specific area of expertise. Our creative directors have worked in advertising for twenty years with a range of leading international and local advertising agencies.

We have a network of experienced copywriters, working in partnership with our creative teams to deliver wide-ranging copy for radio, corporate videos, brochures and reports, brand straplines, displays and print copy.

Collectively we offer an extensive understanding of brand and behaviour and an ability to turn a brief into words and images that connect with an audience.

The Firstpoint team can provide the interface you need between creative minds and business objectives, managing the design brief through to visual concepts. Because we understand both the business and creative process we can guide the design team ensuring creative outcomes that are grounded and results driven.

Finally, as with everything we do, we will ensure that your image contributes to clear and simple communication to your audiences.  Wherever they are, whatever language they speak and whichever cultural references influence they way they interpret your brand image.

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