What is the ideal length?

Do you know how long a blog post should be? And a tweet, that’s 140 characters isn’t it?

Well in fact it is better to tweet in 100 characters or less. This graphic summarizes some research into the ideal world count to get maximum engagement from your online articles.

It is the same for titles, they need to be short and sharp. Today only the first three (or last three) words of a title are actually read. So you need to think it through if you want to stand out.

Here are some more highlights from the infographic attached:

  • Your URL or website address should be 8 characters long, plus the .com
  • For hashtags, use only six characters if possible #123456
  • For LinkedIn, the word count for B2B is not the same are when you are targeting consumers
  • Keep your blog post to under three minutes reading time
  • A three minute YouTube video is the average




Thanks to Buffer and sumail


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