The B2B sector needs to wake up; social media has changed all the rules

Twitter is an advertising media because it is a social network. It has become an essential promotional tool.

We see this of course through the consumer brands we know and love (and those we hate too). Now businesses in every sector need to understand that it will soon be impossible to get noticed without using, and paying to use, this and other social networks.

Content, content, content

And they cannot just rely on paid promotion. Before, during and after they start paying they need to produce regular, quality content. Engaging content that is shared and, as a result, that generates traffic.

Companies that have just started to use social media, especially in the B2B sector, are perhaps only just realizing its commercial potential. They need to move fast or get left behind.

An effective B2B social media strategy today is as essential as a website was at the turn of the century. Some companies got the message by 2001 and others not until a few years later. Today, those continuing to believe that the standard corporate website is sufficient need to think again.

Photos, videos, images, graphics

And while all that is happening, don’t forget video and images. Videos on YouTube of course, but also the live streaming video tools such a Meerkat that look set to change the scene in 2015. Images dominate in terms of engagement. Pinterest, Tumblr and Instagram are all growing fast, and faster than the “historical” leaders. Snapchat does not make a penny yet but is valued at 15 billion dollars.

Rethink, everything

It is an exciting time of tremendous change but it requires those in the more traditional and conservative business sectors to think again, about everything. Which media to choose? How to find the resources to produce the engaging content? Where to divert the money to pay for it all?


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