Charging the future – powering change

Sharing the stories from the world’s largest solar challenge

Travel 3,000 kilometres on the power of the sun across Australia’s desert interior. Meet time windows, conserve energy, design and build a solar electric car a mainstream market will actually want to drive – they call it a challenge for a reason! That’s what the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge is all about.  

A challenge for the competing teams, travelling down under from across the globe. A challenge for the organisers, the South Australian Tourism Commission. Did we mention this event is BIG. And a challenge for the communications team, Firstpoint Marketing & Communications. One we willingly accept, again. This will be the fifth time we’ve taken this challenge and it’s a privilege to tell the stories of a generation looking for a sustainable way to travel that is not at the expense of the planet.

200+ media took the challenge with us in 2017. An audience of millions tuned in from around the world. We pitched, we explained, we shared, we connected, we inspired. We told an often complex story in a way that everyday people could understand. Because to effect real change, you have to bring people on the journey.

The stage is set for an incredible #BWSC19 adventure. Follow us as we bring the stories to the world’s media.

Read the launch press release: BWSC19 CHARGING THE FUTURE Final

See what happened in 2017 here

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