LinkedIn is now recognized as the key social media to support a business to business marketing strategy. Here are some of the key guidelines to follow to ensure you get the basics right.


Initially, these guidelines will help to avoid embarrassment and promote a professional image of you and your company. More importantly, you need to know some key rules to ensure that you become visible and recognized. For example:

Be active in LinkedIn groups
Share information relevant to the person or group you are engaging with
Provide detailed information – to correctly inform your target group but also to appear in LinkedIn searches
Include interesting and visual content, particularly video and infographics


And then there are the pitfalls to be avoided:

Don’t just connect with anyone, do your research first
Make the effort to send personalized messages to potential connections
Don’t self-promote
Remain active with regular updates and interaction


See the infographic below for all the guidelines

See the original post from the Salesforce Canada Blog and here

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LinkedIn Dos and Don’ts for Business

Via Salesforce

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