Social media has now become an essential part of the business world.

This is the case if you are part of major international corporation or if you are an individual entrepreneur. It is true if you are launching or growing your business.

When it comes to digital marketing for professionals, LinkedIn and Twitter are currently the dominant social media networks.

Your LinkedIn profile is not just there as an online CV to find a potential new job. It can become a powerful tool to get you noticed and nurture your network of contacts.

By combining LinkedIn with Twitter you can get your message and your ideas noticed by becoming an important part of a specific community. A community specific to your business needs and interests.

What you need to do

To boost your career, you need a structured professional social media strategy. This will help you become a more effective sales person and business developer. It will show you how to create and develop your personal brand.

For you this means:

  • increasing your prominence in your field of expertise
  • highlighting your perceived value to others
  • protecting and managing your reputation
  • developing your personal brand

For your company this means:

  • increasing visibility in key markets
  • accentuating the perceived value of products or services
  • protecting and managing corporate reputation
  • managing online PR and media communications
  • strengthening and enhancing brand image

How Firstpoint can help you


  • We will audit your current position and evaluate your potential
  • We will advise, guide and accompany you as you develop your strategy
  • We will show you how to analyze your performance and measure the level of your success

This can start with a conversation to understand your specific needs. From there we can decide how far and how fast we need to get you developing your social digital presence.

Contact us here to find out more and start the conversation

Our Professional Social Media Road to Success

  • Understand the basics – what is professional social media, why and how can you use it?
  • Carry out a digital audit and decide on what needs to be achieved
  • Define your company or personal brand
  • Establish a strategy
  • Identify and generate content
  • Build and nurture your network of influence
  • LinkedIn: optimize your profile, company pages, publish content, build an effective network
  • Twitter: Promote your personal or company brand, connect with communities, market research and business intelligence

Blogs and blogging to get noticed

We can help you become an industry thought leader.

Learn how to publishing content which engages your target audience, gets you noticed and generates leads. See this blog post for more information about being a Social CEO

Services specific to LinkedIn

Get recognized with an optimized profile

Be found in online searches

Expand your network

Get noticed by recruiters and find your next job

Join online groups to expand your knowledge and become a recognized expert




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