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The B2B sector needs to wake up; social media has changed all the rules

Twitter is an advertising media because it is a social network. It has become an essential promotional tool. We see this of course through the consumer brands we know and love (and those we hate too). Now businesses in every sector need to understand that it will soon be impossible to get noticed without using, and paying to

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Business-to-business thought leadership

The technical division of an international company, leader in its sector, needed to grow its influence and stature within a community of experts related to their business. Target groups included government bodies, trade associations, politicians, technical trade magazines and a wide variety of interested parties. The company knew it had a lot to say and already communicated well

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5 timely tips to generating free-ink PR. Get your next media release noticed

Did your last press release really stand out? Did it get the exposure you wanted? Did your media notification get through? When preparing any communication, and in particular a press release, you really do need to be sure to grab attention. Forget these key points and your story will not get noticed. Journalists have seen it all before.

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